DISC Personality Styles, Pt 1 - High D
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 9:36PM
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DISC Profile Personalities, Part 1: D - Dominant

In the DISC Personality Test, the first letter in the acronym is "D" for "Dominant" tendencies. The list below describes the characterstics of those who score high "D."
DISC Profile, DISC Personality Test, DISC Test, DISC Assessment

Basic description - DOMINANT, Demanding, Driving, Determined, Decisive, Doers

Ancient Greek (Hippocrates) – “Choleric”

Wilson Social Style – Driver

Celebrity "D" Personalities - Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill O'Reilly, Sarah Palin

Emphasis - Shape the environment by overcoming opposition to achieve results

Strengths - Get immediate results, cause action, embrace difficulties

Blind spots under pressure - Pushy, impatient, domineering, aggressive, tough, harsh

Outgoing - Initiates action, expresses opinion, leads, "mover and shaker"

Achievement-Oriented - Takes on new challenges, overcomes obstacles, tries new things

Conflict - Faces it head on (and sometimes creates it) through confrontation, wants to resolve quickly and move on

Fast-paced - Gets things done quickly and efficiently

Facts over feelings - Objectively sees the logic of a situation but may be blind to others' feelings

Change - Prefers the new and untried over status quo, imaginary, visionary, creative

Individual over group - "Believe me, I can get this done!"

Contributions - Adventure, determination, results, creativity, innovation

***See the description for other DISC Personality Types - High I, High S, High C***


DISC Profile, DISC Personality Test, DISC Test, DISC Assessment

DISC Profile, DISC Personality Test, DISC Test, DISC Assessment

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